Nomikuiya Murakami

Introducing Nomikuiya Murakami

We are a shop where you can enjoy alcohol and karaoke, loved by locals, both lone customers and groups. The owner's special food menu is also popular, and there are plenty of snacks.


・ Banquet plan with food (with all-you-can-drink for 2 hours)
・ Platter party plan (with all-you-can-drink for 2 hours)
From 3500 yen per person are also available. Whether as a banquet or as an after-party, by all means please pay us a visit.
* Banquets earlier than business hours are also possible.

In addition, for customers using the above plan, a 1500 yen per person (all-you-can-drink) after-party plan is also available for customers wanting to stay longer.
* Please contact us by phone to discuss the number of people and the start time. Please make a reservation at least 2 days in advance.
Banquets for 3 to 24 people available
Up to 40 people for party plans

Adress 100, Honcho, Esashi, Hiyaman, Hokkaido
TEL +81-139-56-1390
Opening hour +81-139-56-1390
Closed Sunday
seats 6 seats at the counter
3 table seats
(4 seats, 8 seats, 12 seats)
1 booth (sofa seat), maximum of 12 people