Old Esashi Station Museum / Local Community Centre

Old Esashi Station Museum / Local Community Centre

All JR Esashi Lines were opened 10th November 1936. From 1968 Esashi Express started operating and was initially lively with many passengers at the time, but eventually the number of people using the station fell due to the shrinking population, and the line between Esashi and Kikonai was regrettably demolished on 12th May 2014.
In order to preserve the memory of Esashi Station and to create a community space where local people could gather around and interact with each other, they renovated an empty shop in front of Esashi Station and opened Old Esashi Station Museum / Local Community Centre on 26th March 2018.
In addition to chairs and equipment that were originally used at Esashi Station, the museum also displays uniforms courtesy of JR Hokkaido.
Furthermore, exhibition panels and photographs taken by photographer Haruo Tsuji, a resident of Esashi-cho, are displayed to show both the opening and closing of the line.
A commemorative stamp has also been created and installed.
A story called “Even Edo is not as busy as Esashi in May. - The town made prosperous by herring” was nominated as "Japan Heritage" by the Agency for Cultural Affairs on 28th April 2017. This is why the memorial stamp has a design with herring.
We are looking forward to your visit.

Opening date Open every day except Monday (If Monday it a national holiday, the day after will be closed.), and New Years' week (between 29th December until 6th January).
Openning hour 9:00 - 18:00

Opening hours and closing dates may vary occasionally.
There are only 8 parking spots at the terminal of old Esashi Station. In addition, it is not parking dedicated to the museum.

Esashi Town Office, Local Public Finance Division, Property Administration Section
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