Kamomejima lsland camp site

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Kamomejima lsland camp site

Kamomejima Island is an island just of the coast of Esashi which has a circumfrenece of around 2.6km and raises 30 meters above sea level. It is connected to Esashi by a breakwater. It is a designated special area of Hiyama Hokkaido Prefectural Natural Park. The view is beautiful and is a loved symbol of Esashi. There is a campsite on Kamomejima Island. To reach the site you will need to climb stairs, but the wonderful view is well worth the climb.


Water supply 2 spots
Toilet 1 spot
Parking lot None

Precautions for use

Usage fees, etc. There won’t be any charge of fees.
Reception etc. There isn't any reception so please use freely.
Reservations are not accepted/required.
Parking lot No available parking
Regulations According to the regulations of the Hokkaido Natural Parks Ordinance, collection or damage to designated plants is regulated. For more information, please visit the Hokkaido government homepage.
Use of BBQ You may use bbqs as long as charcoal does not drop directly on the ground. Please make sure to bring back any charcoal including ashes. Furthermore, it is forbidden to wash bbqs in the tap at the campsite.
Prohibited matters The following actions are prohibited.
-Open fires
Other Please make sure to bring back all rubbish.


Address: 193-1, Aza Nakautacho, Esashi, Hiyama, Hokkaido
Postal code: 043-8560
Esashi Town Office, Local Public Finance Division, Property Administration Section