How to access Esashi-cho

A wide area map of Esashi

When you come by car

Departure pointDurationRoute
HakodateAbout 1.5 hoursHakodate-Assabu-Esashi
SapporoAbout 4.5 hoursSapporo-Toya-Yakumo-Otobe-Esashi
Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Sta.About 1 hoursHokuto-Assabu-Esashi 
Kikonai Sta.About 1.1 hoursKikonai-Kaminokuni-Esashi

When you use JR or bus

Departure point Transportation used Duration Route
Hakodate Bus About 2 hours Hakodate-Esashi
Sapporo JR(Train)・Bus About 4.8 hours Sapporo-(JR)-Yakumo-(Bus)-Esashi
Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Sta. Bus About 1.5 hours Hokuto-Assabu-Esashi 
Kikonai Sta. Bus About 1.5 hours Kikonai-Kaminokuni-Esashi

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