Hakodate Bus Unlimited Ride Ticket

The area stretching from Kikonai Station, where the Hokkaido Shinkansen makes its first stop after passing through the Seikan Tunnel, is the "birthplace of Hokkaido," where exchanges with Honshu have flourished since the Middle Ages. This area, nurtured by the long history of Hokkaido, has many historical sites full of wonder, as well as seasonal foods nurtured by nature, and warmly welcomes visitors with a cheerful smile. The "Esashi-Matsumae Round Trip Free Pass - Sennen Hokkaido Bills" is a convenient ticket for traveling in this area by bus.

What is "Esashi-Matsumae Round Trip Free Pass-Sennen Hokkaido Bills"?

This ticket allows unlimited rides for three days or two days on buses of the applicable routes.
It is a very convenient and economical free ticket for sightseeing in this area.

How good is the free pass?

The Matsumae Peninsula, located in the southernmost part of Hokkaido, has a circumference of about 280km.
If you were to just take regular bus routes around the peninsula...
Hakodate ⇒ Matsumae (Matsushiro) 2,100 yen
Matsumae ⇒ Esashi: 1,830 yen
Esashi ⇒ Hakodate 1,900 yen
The total cost would be 5,830 yen.
However, a free pass only costs 4,000 yen for a 3-day pass or 3,000 yen for a 2-day pass!
※ The above prices are based on using the Matsumae Town community bus ""Daigyo-kun Bus"" (100 yen)from Matsumae to Haraguchi, transferring at the Esashi Terminal, and using the bus to the ""Naka Uta-cho"" stop in front of the Esashi Town Hall.

(The above prices are current as of 1st April, 2020.)

What are the types and prices of free passes?

3-day pass Adult:4,000 yen (tax included)
Child:2,000 yen (tax included)
Sales period: Wednesday, 1st April, 2020 - Monday, 29th March, 2021
Period of validity: 3 days from the date of boarding
2-day pass Adult:3,000 yen (tax included)
Child:1,500 yen (tax included)
Sales period: Wednesday, 1st April, 2020 - Monday, 29th March, 2021
Period of validity: 2 days from the date of boarding

Where is the ticket counter for the free pass?

What are the benefits of a free pass?

  • Unlimited rides on Hakodate Buses for 3 days or 2 days within the area of 9 towns in southwest Hokkaido!
  • Show your Free Pass at the Heartland Ferry counter and receive a 20% discount on second-class ferry fares! (Esashi - Okushiri route)
  • South Hokkaido Railway Company "Donan Isaribi Railway" ticket from Kikonai to Goryokaku (980 yen) is now available for a special price of 790 yen! (Advance purchase required. Tickets can be purchased in advance at only two locations: Roadside station "Michi no Eki Misogi no Sato Kikonai" and South Hokkaido Railway Company Head Office "Donan Isaribi Railway".)

Which routes can be used with the free pass?

Hakodate - Esashi Hakodate-Esashi Line 610, Tate and Tomisato Line 641,642,643,644,661,662, Inami Line 651,652,653, Kimanai Line 663
Esashi - Haraguchi Esashi - Kosago Line 621,622
Otobe - Esashi Hiyama Coast Line 624, Esashi - Yakumo Line 623
※ In Otobe-cho, you can take the bus to Otobeso-mae bus stop.
Hakodate - Matsumae Hakodate - Matsumae Line 510, Kikonai - Matsumae Line 521,522,523, Kotaniishi Line 410,411
Esashi - Kikonai Esashi - Kikonai Line 631,632
Haraguchi - Matsumae Tairyo-kun Bus 531, 532, 533, 534, 535, 536, 537

How does the free pass work?

  • Boarding and alighting from the above route buses

Points to note when purchasing a free pass

  • Please make sure to fill in the required information on the free pass. (Expiration date, your name)
  • Refunds for free passes can be made up to one day prior to the start of the validity period.
  • This free pass cannot be purchased on board the bus. Please purchase it at the above sales counter before boarding the bus.

For inquiries about the free pass, please contact

Hakodate Station Bus Information Center TEL: +81-138-22-8111