71st Esashi Kamome Island Festival

Esashi Kamomejima Island Festival

This festival of the sea is held every year on the first Saturday and Sunday of July. One of three major Esashi festivals, it is an event that heralds the beginning of summer to the people of Esashi.

Hokkaido Kitamaebune Rowing Competition

The Esashi Kamome Island Festival is a two-day sea festival held every year in early July in Esashi Town, Hokkaido. A variety of events are held at Kamome Island, the symbol of Esashi, including the Itsukushima Shrine Annual Festival to pray for maritime safety and a good catch, song shows, and the Kitamaebune Rowing Competition, as well as food trucks and stalls. You can also enjoy food.

2024 Esashi Kamomejima Island Festival

Event date

6th July 2024(Sat) 13:00 - 20:30
7th July 2024(Sun) 09:00 - 15:00

Program schedule

6th July 2024(Sat) 13:00 - 20:30

Scheduled start time Event(Location)
13:00~20:30 ●Japan Coast Guard patrol boat “Kamui” and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force “minesweeper” exhibition/experience cruise
●Esashi Mystery Solving Challenge in Kamome Island
●Esashi kids gather!! Bingo game tournament
●Performance by the Hokkaido Police Band and Color Guard
●Esashi Oiwake National Tournament 60th Commemoration Esashi Oiwake Performance
●Koichi Nakamura solo live
●Kamome Island Fireworks Festival (19:45-20:30)

7th July 2024(Sun) 09:00 - 15:00

Scheduled start time Event(Location)
9:00~15:00 ●Itsukushima Shrine annual festival
●Prayer for a big catch: Mochi-throwing (Itsukushima Shrine support group)
●Self-Defense Force vehicle display
●STV radio public recording “Netshou! Sea of ​​Japan” song show
 "Hana*Hana" "Ryo"
●Expanding Sky! PreCure Cure Sky is coming!!
●42nd Hokkaido Kitamaebune Rowing Competition
●45th Esashi Bonsai Exhibition (Esashi Town Cultural Hall)
both days ●Water balloon experience
●Kamome Island Lighthouse open to the public
●Eeemachi Esashi de cosplay
●Giant fluffy play equipment


Esashi Tourism and Convention Association Secretariat