Yoshida Shoten (Restaurant)

Introduction to Yoshida Shoten (Restaurant)

"Noi's Dream Croquette", which is made with "May Queen Potato" from Esashi and uses fruit pork from the neighboring town of Kaminokuni, took over half a year to complete the taste to satisfaction, is a popular choice and is fried right after receiving the order, so you can taste it while it's still hot and fluffy. In addition, healthy curry (with salad) which the owner is especially particular about, for 500 yen, and Nabeyaki curry udon (with potato mochi) for 600 yen are also popular.

Take out

How about trying the special curry of Yoshida Shoten, which took 3 years to reach the current taste? Even enjoyed by children who don't like vegetables, as the vegetables are made into a paste which makes it very easy to eat. Furthermore, the cutlet curry is full of volume and is soft and easy to eat. The spiciness can be adjusted by consulting with us when ordering.

Curry rice 600 yen
Cutlet curry 850 yen
Single croquette 150 yen
(tax included)

We can accept orders when you come to the store but it will take some time, so if you make a reservation by phone in advance, we will make it according to your desired time.

Inside the store, "Highlights of Esashi" and "Karasawa's picture diary" written by "Karasawa Terufumi" in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture are drawn on the wall. Mr. Karasawa's paintings are also used on signboards of shops and information boards on the ground along Inishie Kaido Street, and also used in "picture scrolls of old stories on the Inishie Kaido Street".

Adress 38, Aza Nakautacho, Esashi, Hiyama, Hokkaido
TEL +81-139-52-2348
Opening hour 9:00-17:00
Closed Irregular holidays