Mika Chinese Restaurant

Introduction to Mika Chinese Restaurant

When it comes to Chinese restaurants, it has to be Mika Chinese Restaurant.
There are lots of recommended dishes starting with locally popular “Sweet and Sour Pork Set” and “Double Cooked Pork Set” to Champon Noodle with lots of seafood.
We also have a variety of set menus and courses! Banquets are accepted by reservation (All-you-can-drink course available).
For souvenirs we also sell ”Candied Herring”, “Squid Hamburg Steak” and ”Chimaki” (Steamed rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves).
*On Herring day, the 24th of each month, you can enjoy the "Esashi Specialty Herring Don” (rice bowl).

Number of seats 26 table seats / 2F banquet seats 40 people
Address 27-6, Aza Shinchicho, Esashi
TEL +81-139-52-0546
Opening hour 11:00 - 20:30
Closed Wednesday
(However, when a festival is held, Obon holiday and New Year holiday may be open).
*Bookings for banquets are available on regular holidays. Please contact us to discuss further details.
Parking lot Available