Enkubutsu Statue and Mokujikibutsu Statue

Enkubutsu Statue and Mokujikibutsu Statue

Enkubutsu Statue

Amidanyorai Statue(Tomari Kannonji Temple)
Raigo Kannon Statue(Kashiwamori Shrine)
Raigo Kannon Statue(Iwaki Shrine)

Mokujikibutsu Statue

Jizou Bosatsu Statue(Tomari Kannonji Temple)
Koyasu Jizou Bosatsu Statue(Kongoji Temple)

Enku learned Mikkyo (Esoteric Buddhism) at Tendai (sometimes spelled Tiantai) Temple and took part in hard training in the mountains. He came to Hokkaido in 1665 and secluded himself in the mountains to create many statues of buddha. One at Iwaki Shrine in Esashi, one in Kashiwamori Shrine and one in Kannonji Temple still remain from that time. They all reflect true craftsmanship and the beauty of traditional craft art.
On the other hand Mokujikigyodo who created Mokujikibutsu statue, came to Hokkaido in 1778 and stayed in Esashi for 2 years. There are 3 buddha statues of heights of approximately 2m in Kongoji Temple and Kannonji Temple in Esashi, and Houzouji Temple in Kumaishi. There are many smaller statues remaining in private traditional houses around the area.
They are characterized by simplicity and convey folk character and profoundness in the textured wood.

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