Japanese Omamori charm making experience

Why not try making a one-in-the-world Japanese Omamori charm?

Why not make a Japanese Omamori charm for the memory of Esashi in the historical warehouse built 160 years ago along the ocean-connecting Inishie Highway?

Pricing 1,350 yen (tax include) Soft drink included
Time About 30 min

Inquiries / Booking

Please use the contact form for inquiries and booking.


1. Pick a piece of fabric and string for the Omamori charm.

2. Fold the chosen fabric in half and secure it with a marking pin so as not to slip, then sew along the line.
*If you are a beginner or not confident with sewing, please don't worry because staff can help you.

3. After sewing, turn the fabric inside-out. Write your wish on the paper and put it inside the fabric along with the cardboard.

4. Fold the corners of the top entrance of the fabric down and make a hole to pass the string through.

5. Insert the string though the hole, then make a knot to complete it.
There will be a soft drink on the house for anyone who experiences making a Japanese Omamori charm.

Cautionary points

Depending on how busy it is, we might not be able to host the experience so please contact us to check 2 days prior to your visit.


18-1, Aza Ubagamicho, Esashi, Hiyama, Hokkaido