How the Matsuri (festival) is operated

Smoothly operated by the executive committee system

Each town with festival floats has a float organization to protect and operate the floats. Float parade used to be operated by top leaders “Toudori” from each town, but is currently operated by the ”Ubagamidaijingu Festival Support Committee” which cooperates with the shrine and festival committees to hold festivals. The Executive Committee has four advisors, a consultant and a chairman, and the four vice-chairs are in charge of the business department (executive office) the communication department, the tourism department, and the floats department, working closely with the heads of each float to carry out everything from preparation to implementation.

Esashi Ubagamidaijingu Shrine Togyo Festival

Roles and functions of each float organization

The organisation consists of float leaders from each town called “Toudori” followed by vice-Toudori, administrator, manager, accountant, Wakaimonogashira (leader for trainees), supervisor and so on. The current float organization is slightly different in each town. However, the content is mostly the same. For example, students in elementary school and junior high school will be in charge of the “Taiko drum band” and “Japanese flute players”, while students in junior high up to high school will play the role of “Sendori” who help to protect the floats from power lines, while young males and those with good physiques may become "Kajitori" and be in charge of steering and pulling the floats. After that they may become supervisors and some may become “Wakaimonogashira” to lead the people pulling rope. With more experience they may become “vice-Toudori” then “Toudori”, the leader. After being a Toudori, they may become advisor or councillor. The role of Toudori is a coveted position and requires popularity among one's peers to attain.

*Each different float organisation may have a different name for roles, but major ones are the same. Depending on the float, they might have the role of councillor, chairman of the preservation society, or advisor after they become Toudori.

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