Ubagamidaijingu Shrine

Ubagamidaijingu Shrine

The founding generation, is unknown, but is considered to have been started by Uba (elderly woman) Orii according to legend in 1447 about 570 years ago. It was in 1644 that it was moved to its present location from Tsubanacho. Ubagamidaijingu Shrine is Hokkaido's oldest Shinto shrine, and was given the highest ranking by Imperial sanction in 1817.

Orii Shrine

Gathering faith for the people in fishery business as the founder of herring fishing and worshipping Uba Orii spreading the history of the Ubagamidaijingu Shrine. It was moved to its present location, Ubagamicho, in 1774 from the former Esashi Port entrance, and the current main shrine was rebuilt in 1836.

Ubagamidaijingu Shrine Togyosai (Festival)

For three days from August 9 to 11th, the Togyosai is performed every year, with 13 luxurious floats and a mikoshi (portable shrine) are paraded around the town.

Funa Ema Devoted to the Ubagamidaijingu Shrine

In the times of the trade by goods-carrying merchant ships, when ship owners acquired a new ship, they would make a funa ema and dedicate it to the shrine they worshipped. Ship owner of Ubagamicho, Ihei Taguchi dedicated it to the boatmen of 6 ships.

Heishi Rock

500 years ago, there was an elderly woman who foretold various things. One time, Uba, the elderly woman was handed a bottle by an elderly man on Kamome Island, and threw the bottle into the sea as she was instructed. Upon doing so, shoals of herring came to Esashi. It is said that this bottle turned to stone and appeared in the sea, becoming Heishi Rock, Uba, the elderly woman, was called Orii-sama by the people and worshipped like a god.

Kamomejima Island Festival

The Kamomejima Island Festival is held on the first Saturday and Sunday of July every year, where a 30 meter in length Shinto rope is hung on the rock by youths of the town.

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